Open pores look like small pits, giving your skin a dimpled appearance similar to an orange peel and they impart an irregular, dull and aged look to your face.


Open pores on your cheeks, nose, and forehead can appear larger as you age, as well as when they are blocked. Any skin type, whether it’s oily, normal, or dry, can take on the appearance of having large, open pores. These may give your skin a dull appearance, particularly if they’re clogged with dirt, bacteria, oil, or dead skin cells.

Pores cannot be opened or closed. Often, when people say they wish to open their pores, what they’re referring to is a deep cleaning to remove excess oil and debris. This may make open pores look as if they’ve shrunk or closed.

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Products Recommended
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Conditioner
  • Nimue Day
  • Purifier
  • Exfoliating Enzyme
  • Active Gel
  • SPF 40
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You can't get rid of open pores, nor would you want to. You can, however, reduce their look and improve your skin's appearance. While skin doesn't technically breathe the way our lungs do, it does require open pores to keep you cool and to eliminate dead skin cells so that new cells can grow.

Keeping skin clean, and avoiding the sun, are two of the best ways you can reduce the appearance of open pores. Treatments are available that can make your pores look smaller, giving you the appearance of healthier and more vibrant skin.

Steaming, Masks, Exfoliating, and Chemical Peels work well at cleansing the pores of oil, dead skin cells, and debris. Whilst Laser treatments work best at rejuvenating collagen production and may be most effective for large pores caused by aging or sun damage.