Fine lines caused by muscle movement. Dark circles, and puffiness.


The term ‘dull skin’ or ‘lacklustre skin’ usually refers to tired-looking which has lost its natural glow. Lips can sometimes appear too thin, unbalanced or have lines and wrinkles. While some people may have naturally thin lips, they can also be a sign of ageing, sun exposure or a result from smoking. As you get older the collagen in your lips breaks down and the muscles tire, leaving your lips looking and feeling thinner.

Dark circles and puffy eye bags, are often hereditary conditions caused by loss of fat volume under the eye.  In certain ethnic groups the dark circles are caused by ethnic pigmentation. Lines are caused by laughing, concentrating, squinting or frowning; whenever your face muscles contract.

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Products Recommended
  • Cleansing Gel
  • Conditioner
  • Cleansing Milk
  • Multi Day Plus
  • Multi Night Plus
  • Exfoliating Enzyme
  • Anti-Ageing Eye Cream or Eye Serum
  • Hydro Lip Therapy
  • Active Lotion or Active Gel
  • SPF 40
More Details

After years of frequent contractions, combined with environmental and lifestyle factors - such as exposure to sunshine, smoking or pollution - lines, wrinkles, dark circles and bags begin to form around your eyes, leaving them looking tired.

Dark circles - A dark, almost bruise-like crescent underneath each eye.

Puffiness - Swollen, fluidy skin underneath and above the eye area.

Fine lines and wrinkles - Crepey skin on the eyelids and under the eyes.

Sagging skin - Droopy skin which may pull the eyelid downwards, making the eyes look sleepy.