This is a deep cleanse treatment that purifies the skin.

Nimue Deep Cleanse Square


This is a deep cleanse treatment that purifies the skin and provides effective results incorporating cleansing, gentle steam, exfoliations, extractions and treatment mask. Finished with aftercare products.

Good for:

Indicated for all skin classifications especially problematic skins.

Active acne vulgaris, acne prone skin, comedones, papules, pustules, nodules, open pores, Dull, dehydrated skin

The treatment is suitable for all skin types (I-VI)

Treatments Required

A course of 6-12 is recommended

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Treatment Intervals

Weekly or fortnightly

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The treatment has no side effects and achieves a smoother, clearer complexion with lasting results.

Products Recommended

Cleansing Gel, Conditioner, Exfoliating Enzyme, Nimue Day, Purifier, Active Gel, SPF 40

Treatments include a free initial 60 minute skin assessment

SingleCourse of 6