Thread veins, also commonly known as “spider veins”, are small blood vessels that are visible beneath the surface of the skin, usually red or blue in colour.


Vascular conditions causing redness are also referred to as Thread veins, Telangiectasia, Angiomas and spider angiomas, Poikiloderma of Civatte, Spider veins, or broken veins. They are small veins that classically appear on the face, chest, thighs or calves. They are completely harmless, but can affect a person’s self-confidence. They are very common in both men and women.

They are very small blood vessels in the dermis which have become visible, and can range from red to purple to blue. They can affect people of any age, but are more common in those who are older.

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  • Conditioner Lite
  • Moisturiser Lite
  • Pre & Post Serum
  • Exfoliating Enzyme
  • Hydro Lip Therapy
  • Tinted SPF 40
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Vascular conditions like these are generally genetic and there is a strong chance if your family suffer with broken veins then so will you. However, trauma to an area can also cause them.

They can also be caused by a range of things that are not genetic, such as smoking, alcohol, stress, environmental damage and chemical influences such as incorrect product and treatment applications.

Most Vascular conditions can be treated using laser and IPL. The. Where the light is absorbed by the red blood cells in the vessels which causes the cells to become sticky (coagulated) and then causes the vessels to collapse and shrink. These collapsed vessels are then absorbed by the body in the following weeks.

If you are experiencing redness, but also other symptoms, such as spots, visible blood vessels and dry and thickened skin, you could be suffering from a skin condition called Rosacea. Please refer to the rosacea page for more information.

Facial flushing can also be attributed to an impaired barrier function meaning irritants can penetrate the skin and moisture can escape which is where home care products are also essential to help the skin repair its protective barrier.

Nimue’s Interactive Range includes products suitable for skins that manifest temporary sensitisation due to ill health, medication, skin resurfacing procedures generally stressed skin and skin with severe environmental damage due to pollution and effects of global warming. The primary focus of the Interactive Range is for skins that manifest typical symptoms of hypersensitive or sensitised skin.