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Challenging age-related skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photo-damage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity can be significantly improved using the Fractional non-ablative Q-Switched 1064 laser.

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Good for:

Suitable for all skin types (I-VI)

Fine-lines and wrinkles, Skin laxity, Scars including acne scars, Stretch marks, Photo damaged and photo aged skin, Crows feet, Frontal lines, Deeper dark scars, Deeper pigmentation, Dark eye circle.


Treatments Required

On average 6 treatments are required but more may be needed depending on indications at the start. Client will benefit from maintenance.

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Treatment Intervals

Once every 2 weeks

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Known as the "Lunchtime" procedure this treatment is virtually painless with zero downtime.

Products Recommended

Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Milk, Conditioner, Nimue Day and Nimue Night, Or Day Fader, and Night Fader, Exfoliating Enzyme, Anti Ageing Eye Cream, Hydro Lip Therapy, Active Lotion or Active Gel, SPF 40

More Details

Clinically proven to be safe and effective for all skin types as well as for thin and delicate areas of the skin such as the face, neck and décolleté areas. ClearLift effectively address existing indications while also helping to bolster the skin against future aging.

While most laser procedures produce a thermal effect to stimulate collagen renewal, ClearLift uses a specially designed fractional Q-Switched laser to achieve a deep mechanical effect, focusing the energy beneath the epidermis.

This creates a controlled dermal wound while leaving the epidermis intact. The wound healing process stimulates growth of new collagen as well as contracture and tightening of the tissue.

The treatment is a 'lunchtime procedure' that is virtually painless with no downtime, no need for pre-treatment anaesthetic and is safe for all skin types. Radiance, clarity and smooth texture are the hallmarks of youthful skin. But over time, the effects of aging and sun exposure can take their toll. They result in skin imperfections such as wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, uneven skin tone and skin laxity. ClearLift is one of Harmony XL Pro most popular and esteemed treatments. It is known as the “Laser facelift” treatment, “Collagen booster”, “Lunchtime Procedure”. It is considered to be the most comprehensive Q-Switched Nd:YAG treatment solution available today. It treats a variety of age-related skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photo-damage, and uneven skin tone and skin laxity. ClearLift is safe and effective even for thin and delicate areas of the skin such as face, neck and décolleté. It is based on a unique method of energy dispersion, emitting narrow pulse widths with multiple peaks of energy, resulting in more effective treatment.


Can the Harmony XL Pro laser be combined with other skin treatments?

Yes, combined treatments are highly recommended to maximise results. NIR works well with ClearLift.

Will I experience downtime after the ClearLift laser treatment?

Usually there is no downtime following the ClearLift laser treatment and it is considered a true “lunchtime procedure”.

Is the ClearLift treatment painful?

No it is not painful. The ClearLift laser creates tiny heat points in the dermis and does not cause damage to the outer layer of the epidermis.

Treatments include a free initial 60 minute skin assessment

AreaSingleCourse of 3Course of 6
Full face£240£648£1152
Full face and neck£270£729£1296
Full face & Skin Tightening£312£842£1498
Lips & Eyes£96£259£461