There is nothing worse than the feeling when you’re stuck with a tattoo that you might have once thought was a good idea, but have later come to regret your impulsive decision.


Choosing a tattoo design is a big commitment and as the years go by, our style and tastes can change, meaning you might be left regretting your tattoo. Common reasons include the design being poorly executed, a change in personal taste, or having the name of a partner tattooed who is no longer on the scene.

When your skin is tattooed, ink is injected deep into the dermis (the lower layers of the skin). The particles making up the ink are quite large, so once they have been injected they cannot be broken down by your body easily and are effectively permanent.

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  • Pre & Post Serum
  • SPF 40
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Although most tattoos can be faded effectively, there is no guarantee of complete clearance. The distinct qualities of each tattoo dictate the behaviour and varying responses to laser treatment.

The quality of the ink, the colour, the quantity and density of the pigment used, all dictate the degree to which the tattoo will respond. Small, dark amateur tattoos using low-quality ink respond better than the high-quality dense ink of different colours found in professional tattoos.